Effects of fibre volume fraction on the stress transfer in fibre pull-out tests

Jang Kyo Kim, Li Min Zhou, S. J. Bryan, Yiu Wing Mai

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The elastic stress transfer taking place across the fibre/matrix interface is analysed for the fibre pull-out test by means of both micromechanics and finite element (FE) analyses. A special focus has been placed on how fibre volume fraction, Vf, affects the interface shear stress fields in the model composites containing both single and multiple fibres. In a so-called 'three-cylinder model', where a fibre, a matrix and a composite medium are coaxially located, the constraint imposed on the central fibre due to the surrounding fibres is properly evaluated. It is shown in the FE analysis that the differences in stress distributions between the composite models containing single and multiple fibres become increasingly prominent with increasing Vf. The principal effect of the presence of surrounding fibres in the multiple-fibre composite model is to suppress effectively the development of stress concentration near the embedded fibre end and thus eliminate the possibility of debond initiation from this region for all Vfconsidered. This is in sharp contrast to the single-fibre composite model, in which the interfacial debond can propagate from the embedded end if Vfis larger than a critical value. These findings are essentially consistent with the results from micromechanics analysis on the same specimen geometry. The implications of the results for the practical fibre pull-out test as a means of measuring the interface properties are discussed.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)470-475
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Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 1994
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  • fibre pull-out test
  • fibre/matrix interface
  • finite element analysis
  • single-fibre composite model
  • three-cylinder composite model

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