Effect of telephone intervention on stoma self-care of colostomy patients

J.E. Zhang, Kam Yuet Wong, L.M. You, M.C. Zheng, Q. Li, B.Y. Zhang, M.R. Huang, X.M. Ye, M.J. Liang, J.L. Liu

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目的探讨电话干预对结肠造口患者造口 自我护理能力的影响。方法将7家3级甲等医院的119例即将出院的造口患者按照随机数字表法分为干预组(n=59)和对照组(n=60)。干预组接受出院 后常规健康教育的同时,还接受由造口护士主导的个体化的教育和支持性的电话干预,对照组只接受出院后常规健康教育。分别对两组在出院前,以及出院后1个月、3个月以1个条目的自评造口自理状态和造口自我护理量表-早期版(SSCS-early stageversion)进行测试。结果出院后1个月两组自评造口自理状态的差异无统计学意义(χ2=2.568,P>0.05),出院后3个月干预组自理状态明显好于对照组,差异有统计学意义(χ2=6.300,P<0.05);出院后1个月(t=2.431,P<0.05)和3个月(t=2.666,P<0.01)干预组患者造口自我护理总分明显高于对照组。结论造口护士早期进行电话干预是提高结肠造口患者造口自我护理能力的 有效措施,但是在电话干预的实施过程中应考虑到中国的文化特点。 ||Objective To evaluate the effect of telephone intervention on stoma self-care of colostomy patients.Methods A total of 119 colostomy patients from 7 Third-Grade Class A Hospitals were randomly assigned to either telephone intervention by enterostomal therapist(ET) or routine health education condition after discharge.The patients were investigated by a questionnaire about stoma self-care status and Stoma Selfcare Scaleearly stage version(SSCS-early stage version) before discharge,1 month and 3 months after discharge.Results The self-reported stoma self-care status at 3 months after discharge in the experimental group was significantly better than that of control group(χ2=6.300,P<0.05),but no significant difference was found between the two groups at 1 month after discharge(χ2=2.568,P>0.05).The stoma self-care scores at 1 month(t=2.431,P<0.05) and 3 months(t=2.666,P<0.01)after discharge in the experimental group were significantly higher than those in the control group.Conclusions Telephone intervention by ET after discharge can effectively improve stoma self-care ability in colostomy patients,but actual application of telephone intervention should consider the culture characteristics of Chinese patients. 
Original languageChinese (Simplified)
Pages (from-to)1073-1077
Number of pages5
Journal中华护理杂志 (Chinese journal of nursing)
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - 2010


  • Colostomy
  • Telephone
  • Early intervention (education)
  • Self care

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