Effect of financial costs on caregiving burden of family caregivers of older adults

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This study examined the effects of perceived financial costs on caregiving burden experienced by family caregivers. The target population was family caregivers for older adults who were 65 years of age and older in Calgary, Alberta. Telephone interviews were conducted using a structured questionnaire, with a random sample of 340 family caregivers. The financial costs associated with family caregiving were a significant factor in caregiving burden, both for the male and female caregivers, even when controlled for most of the demographic characteristics of the caregivers, and the demographics, health, and caregiving needs of the care receivers. While caregiving is creating burden and financial consequences for family caregivers, the effects of financial costs should not be understood only in financial terms. Policies and programs to alleviate the financial burden and to provide social and financial support for these family caregivers are equally important for both family caregivers and their care receivers.
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