Earth fault feeder detection with information fusion

X. Zeng, K.K. Li, Wai Lok Chan, X. Yin, D. Chen

Research output: Journal article publicationJournal articleAcademic research


Earth fault feeder detection is a long-standing problem in the operation of ineffectively grounded distribution systems.Traditional single fault-detection method using only some parts of fault information has poor reliability.Information fusion technique is introduced and applied in fault feeder detection to fuse all kinds of fault information and integrate all fault detection methods in this paper.Techniques for fault feeder identifying with fuzzy analysis and for fault feeder-section identifying with cluster classing are developed.The results of EMTP simulations show that these information fusion methods can detect the fault feeder with high precision and robustness.
Original languageChinese (Simplified)
Pages (from-to)15-20
Number of pages6
Journal繼電器 (Relay)
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - 2002


  • Information fusion
  • Fault feeder detection
  • Relay protection
  • Fuzzy analysis
  • Cluster classing

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