Dynamical analysis of quantum linear systems driven by multi-channel multi-photon states

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In contrast to most existing studies on separable input states in the literature, we allow the existence of quantum correlation (for example quantum entanglement) in these multi-channel multi-photon input states. Due to the prevalence of quantum correlations in the quantum regime, the results presented in this paper are very general. Moreover, the multi-channel multi-photon states studied here are reasonably mathematically tractable. Three types of multi-photon states are considered: (1) m photons superposed among m channels, (2) N photons superposed among m channels where N≥m, and (3) N photons superposed among m channels where N is an arbitrary positive integer. Formulae for intensities and states of output fields are derived. Examples are used to demonstrate the effectiveness of the results.
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Sep 2017


  • Intensity
  • Multi-photon states
  • Quantum linear systems
  • Tensor computation

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