Dynamic Simulation of a Building Central Chilling System and Evaluation of EMCS On-Line Control Strategies

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Dynamic models of centrifugal chillers, heat exchangers, seawater and chilled-water networks, cooling coil, actuator, sensor, variable-speed pump and DDC controller of EMCS are developed to simulate the dynamics of a seawater-cooled chilling system controlled by EMCS on-line strategies. The thermal, hydraulic, energy and control performances of the system are simulated. The on-line control strategies (i.e. adaptive and derivative strategies) developed for the central chilling system are tested and evaluated by applying them to control the simulated living chilling system under different AHU dynamic loads. This paper presents the models, system dynamic simulation of the chilling system, chilling system performance monitoring, validation of simulation, EMCS on-line control strategies and evaluation of the strategies.
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