Dynamic response analysis of airport asphalt pavement subjected to high-temperature jet wake based on finite element simulation

Zejiao Dong, Tongxu Wang, Xianyong Ma, Cheng Cao, Fandong Kong, Zhen Leng

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With the dramatic increase of air traffic volume and the rapid development of civil aviation airport construction in China, asphalt layers overlaying original concrete pavement in civil aviation airports has become the primary rehabilitation scheme. However, asphalt airport pavement is prone to excessive deformation when subjected to the repeated and heavy aircraft loading, especially when coupled with high-temperature field. However, the impact of high-temperature jet wake is rarely considered in the existing structural design and analysis of airport asphalt pavement. In order to investigate the impact of high-temperature jet wake on the dynamic response of asphalt pavement, the coupling of finite element (FE) simulation of the temperature field and aircraft loading based on sequential decoupling methodology was implemented herein. Firstly, the temperature field distribution induced by the hightemperature jet wake on the asphalt pavement was simulated and analyzed by FE simulation on the ABAQUS CFD platform. Then, the temperature field distribution was integrated within the asphalt pavement structure by combining the temperature field distribution produced by jet wake and thermal conduction between ambient radiation and pavement. Secondly, the viscoelastic parameters of each asphalt layer under the obtained temperature field distribution were calculated to represent more real material properties. Finally, FE simulation of airport asphalt pavement subjected to the coupling of aircraft loading and integrated temperature field was conducted. The results show that the amplitudes of transverse strain, vertical strain, and longitudinal strain of the asphalt pavement considering jet wake together with ambient radiation are basically higher than those without consideration. Consequently, the dynamic responses of airport asphalt pavement produced by jet wake and ambient radiation should be fully considered in the design and analysis of airport asphalt pavement.

Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of Testing and Evaluation
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 19 Mar 2020


  • Aircraft loading
  • Airport asphalt pavement
  • Integrated temperature field
  • Jet wake
  • Numerical simulation

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