Dyeing and finishing

Songmin Shang

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The recent ITMA Asia + CITME exhibit held in Shanghai featured various dyeing, printing, and finishing exhibitors, wherein the largest exhibitor was Fong's group, together with its subsidiaries Monforts, Xorella, THEN and Goller. In the case of Fong, it exhibited Jumboflow series of high-temperature dyeing machines. The Allwin high-temperature package dyeing machine is claimed to offer a liquor ratio that is low, at 1:4 ratio. THEN featured their Airflow AFE which was conceptualized on the true aerodynamic system, which moves the fabric constantly from charging to the end of the batch. Montex6500 and Montex7000TT was displayed by Monforts in the event. The latter machine is the first machine to featured 4m long chambers/modules, and has a new TwinAir-X air circulating system. Another exhibitor, DTC and AutoFoam, featured its foam finishing technology, while Thies showcased three dyeing machines that include the Luftu-roto plus SII fabric dyeing machine, and the ecoMaster fabric-dyeing machine. Other notable exhibitors include GoFront Holding, DyeTec, Hong Kong Ah Choi, Shuang Xi, Dystar, Xetma Vollenweider, Henriksen, Biancalani, Dornier, Hisaka, and many others.
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