Digital multimodal composing as authentic assessment in discipline-specific English courses: Insights from ESP learners

Lucas Kohnke, Andrew Jarvis, Adrian Ting

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In recent years, the advent of educational technology has made digital multimodal composing (DMMC) increasingly common among tertiary students. The current small-scale study explored the perceptions of DMMC of 12 undergraduate students enrolled in a discipline-specific English course at an English-medium university in Hong Kong. In particular, the study focussed on the use of infographics as a digital reflective assessment to communicate the students’ learning process. Using semistructured interviews to explore students’ perceptions, the study found the infographics motivating and helpful in enabling them to feel more confident while communicating with peers and clients in their fields. Participants also indicated that infographics empowered them to demonstrate their discipline-specific language skills and facilitated communication of their learning processes. This study highlights pedagogical directions for future discipline-specific courses to move with the advancement of technology and incorporate DMMC to prepare students for their professions.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere600
JournalTESOL Journal
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Sep 2021

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