Dielectric multi-momentum meta-transformer in the visible

Lei Jin, Yao Wei Huang, Zhongwei Jin, Robert C. Devlin, Zhaogang Dong, Shengtao Mei, Menghua Jiang, Wei Ting Chen, Zhun Wei, Hong Liu, Jinghua Teng, Aaron Danner, Xiangping Li, Shumin Xiao, Shuang Zhang, Changyuan Yu, Joel K.W. Yang, Federico Capasso, Cheng Wei Qiu

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Metasurfaces as artificially nanostructured interfaces hold significant potential for multi-functionality, which may play a pivotal role in the next-generation compact nano-devices. The majority of multi-tasked metasurfaces encode or encrypt multi-information either into the carefully tailored metasurfaces or in pre-set complex incident beam arrays. Here, we propose and demonstrate a multi-momentum transformation metasurface (i.e., meta-transformer), by fully synergizing intrinsic properties of light, e.g., orbital angular momentum (OAM) and linear momentum (LM), with a fixed phase profile imparted by a metasurface. The OAM meta-transformer reconstructs different topologically charged beams into on-axis distinct patterns in the same plane. The LM meta-transformer converts red, green and blue illuminations to the on-axis images of “R”, “G” and “B” as well as vivid color holograms, respectively. Thanks to the infinite states of light-metasurface phase combinations, such ultra-compact meta-transformer has potential in information storage, nanophotonics, optical integration and optical encryption.

Original languageEnglish
Article number4789
JournalNature Communications
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 21 Oct 2019

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