Dielectric, magnetic and magnetoelectric properties of a laminated composite with 1-3 connection

Siu Wing Or, N. Cai

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A two-phase laminated composite was prepared by stacking one layer of thickness-polarized 1-3 piezoelectric composite (PECP) plate between two layers of length-magnetized 1-3 magnetostrictive composite (MSCP) plates in the thickness direction. The PECP plate consisted of 0.68 volume-fraction PZT bars embedded in Spurr epoxy matrix, while the MSCP plates comprised 0.51 volume-fraction Terfenol-D particles embedded and magnetically aligned in Spurr epoxy matrix. The dielectric, magnetic and magnetoelectric properties of the laminate were measured as a function of both frequency and magnetic bias field. A giant magnetoelectric voltage coefficient (αE) of 15.4 V/cm·Oe was observed at the resonance frequency of ∼59 kHz under a relatively low bias field of 0.75 kOe. This resonance αEwas ∼30 times larger than its non-resonance values, showing promising application of the proposed laminate in magnetoelectric conversion devices.


  • Magnetoelectric composites
  • Magnetostrictive composites
  • Piezoelectric composites

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