Device and method for testing fabric color

George Baciu (Inventor), Asimananda Khandual (Inventor), Jinlian Hu (Inventor), Binjie Xin (Inventor)

Research output: Patents, agreements, assignments and companiesPatents granted


A device for testing the fabric color comprises a holder, a scanner, a computer and a color analysis system, wherein the color analysis system used to analyze the color feature of a scanned object is stored in the computer. Besides, a method for testing the fabric color comprises scanning the image information of a scanned object fixed on a holder by a scanner, inputting the scanned image information into a computer, converting the inputted scanned object image information from RGB value into CIE*l*a*b value by the computer, setting the related color tolerance information by an user at the user-friendly interface of the computer, conducting color classifying, color searching and auto-matching on the CIE*l*a*b value of the scanned object and a fabric standard color sample database module in the computer database, outputting the standard fabric information conformed with the scanned object information.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberCN 101788341 B
IPCG01N 33/36 2006.01 ,D06H 3/00 2006.01
Priority date4/08/08
Filing date4/08/09
Publication statusPublished - 1 Oct 2012


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