Development of a model-based optimal control strategy of Centrifugal Chiller System

X.H. Xu, Shengwei Wang

Research output: Journal article publicationJournal articleAcademic research


提出了基于模型的离心式制冷机系统台数优化控制策略。该优化控制策略充分利用机组系统的日常调试与制冷机组自身提供的可靠数据,采用简化模型来评估单台机的最大制冷量、计算单台机的瞬时制冷量、并且预测在一定负荷下不同台数机组运行时系统的总电功率,从而寻求制冷机台数的优化组合使得制冷机组系统性能系数最大化。||A model-based optimal control strategy for the operation of centrifugal chiller system is presented. Firstly, the maximum cooling capacity and instant cooling capacity are evaluated using simplified models based on the reliable measurement and routine commissioning of the chiller system. Then, the total electricity consumptions are predicted when different numbers of chillers are put in operation under a certain cooling load condition. Finally, the number of chillers is optimized to be in operation aiming at maximizing the COP of the centrifugal chiller system.
Original languageChinese (Simplified)
Pages (from-to)16-17, 24
Number of pages2
Journal建筑热能通风空调 (Building energy & environment)
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2007


  • Centrifugal chiller
  • Optimal control
  • Maximum cooling capacity
  • COP

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