Developing a benchmark model for project construction time performance in Hong Kong

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Construction time has been acknowledged by construction researchers and industry practitioners over the past three decades as one of the most important performance criteria of many successful projects. This raises an increasing global concern about benchmarking best practice measures of construction time performance (CTP) for use by clients, consultants and contractors in the construction industry. Previously derived statistical time models were first reviewed in this paper. A questionnaire survey was then undertaken to identify a set of critical factors influencing construction durations of high-rise public housing projects in Hong Kong. Data were gleaned from a representative sample of 56 standard 'Harmony'-type residential blocks via mailed standard questionnaires. Multiple regression exercises were performed to analyse the project data and establish a prediction model. The results suggested that the overall construction duration of such projects could be modelled on the basis of a set of scope factors, construction method and housing scheme chosen. Predicted durations calculated from the developed model were then compared and assessed against actual durations achieved on-site. The concept of CTP index, which represents the predicted durations of individual projects relative to their actual observed durations, was applied as a useful means for evaluating and benchmarking their CTP. Practical applications of the developed model were also explained. Another construction time prediction model is envisaged to be formulated for private sector housing blocks in Hong Kong for local and international comparisons.
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  • Benchmark model
  • Construction duration
  • Construction time performance
  • Hong Kong
  • Public housing

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