Data-driven model reduction approach for active vibration control of cable-strut structures

Hua Ping Wan, Qiang Ma, Guan Sen Dong, Yaozhi Luo, Yi Qing Ni

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The cable-strut structures have the features of low stiffness and weak damping, resulting in large vibration response under dynamic excitation. The vibration response of the cable-strut structures can be reduced by active control methods. However, many traditional active control methods need to build a state-space model (SSM) based on finite element model (FEM), and solving the active control force for the high-dimensional SSM is time-consuming. In this paper, the dynamic mode decomposition with control (DMDc) method is proposed to achieve a data-driven reduced-order SSM for active vibration control of cable-strut structures. This proposed method only uses the data of structural response and control force input to build reduced-order SSM and does not rely on the FEM. Linear quadratic regulator (LQR) design using the DMDc-based reduced-order SSM (DMDc-LQR) is more computationally efficient than that using the FEM-based SSM (FEM-LQR). The relationship between the design parameters of the DMDc-LQR controller and the FEM-LQR controller is established, which ensures that the control performance indexes of the DMDc-LQR controller and the FEM-LQR controller are equal. The effectiveness of the proposed DMDc-LQR method is validated using numerical Kiewitt cable dome and tensegrity grid under wind and seismic loads. The results show that the DMDc-LQR controller maintains similar control effect to that of the FEM-LQR controller and has advantage of high computing efficiency as well. In addition, the influence of critical parameters (i.e., data noise and model order) on vibration control effect is comprehensively explored. It is found that increasing the model order is effective to mitigate the noise influence on the DMDc-based reduced-order SSM and ensures the effectiveness of the DMDc-LQR controller.

Original languageEnglish
Article number117434
JournalEngineering Structures
Publication statusPublished - 1 Mar 2024


  • Cable-strut structures
  • Data-driven
  • Dynamic mode decomposition with control
  • LQR controller
  • Reduced-order SSM

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  • Civil and Structural Engineering


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