Corrigendum to “Promoting adiabatic core approximation in a rapid compression machine by an optimized creviced piston design” (Fuel (2019) 251 (328–340), (S001623611930585X), (10.1016/j.fuel.2019.04.030))

Yingtao Wu, Meng Yang, Chenglong Tang, Yang Liu, Peng Zhang, Zuohua Huang

Research output: Journal article publicationComment/debate/erratumAcademic research


The authors regret to state that some of the data in Fig. 16(a) in an early, on-line posted version of Fuel 251 (2019) 328–340 should not have been used. The reason is that these data, including the data set from Prof. Aamir Farooq of KAUST (down triangle (Figure presented.)), Dr. Scott Goldsborough of A.N.L. (circle (Figure presented.)), Prof. Fabrice Foucher of The University of Orleans (up triangle (Figure presented.)), Prof. Omid Samimi Abianeh of Wayne State (diamond (Figure presented.)), Prof. Zhi Wang of Tsinghua (left triangle (Figure presented.)), and Prof. Kotaro Tanaka of Ibaraki (right triangle (Figure presented.)), etc., were taken from a preliminary presentation at the 37th International Symposium on Combustion 2018, Dublin, Ireland, and use of these measurements does not adhere to the guidelines of the RCM workshop. Many of these data were preliminary and not fully vetted, and some were realized to have mixture errors. As such, these data should not have been cited and Fig. 16(a) has now been substituted by the following revised Fig. 16(a).

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Article number115812
Publication statusPublished - 1 Nov 2019

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