Correlation of large artery intracranial occlusive disease with carotid intima-media thickness and presence of carotid plaque

X.Y. Leng, Xiangyan Chen, P. Chook, L. Xiong, W.H. Lin, J.Y. Liu, B. Tomlinson, G.N. Thomas, T.H. Lam, K.S.L. Lam, B.M.Y. Cheung, K.S. Wong

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Background and Purpose-: Large artery intracranial occlusive disease (LAICOD) is a predominant cause of ischemic stroke in China. Carotid intima-media thickness (CIMT) and presence of carotid plaque are also related to subsequent ischemic stroke. However, the correlation between these and LAICOD is less clear. Methods-: This was a community-based cross-sectional study. All subjects underwent carotid duplex ultrasonography and transcranial Doppler. Mean CIMT value of bilateral common carotid arteries was used. Plaque was defined as a focal CIMT of >1.5 mm. LAICOD in transcranial Doppler was defined by peak systolic velocity and age, and presence of turbulence or musical sound was also considered. Results-: For the 537 subjects studied (mean age, 54.7±10.1 years; 46.9% males), mean CIMT was 0.74±0.12 mm, with the 75th percentile of 0.80 mm. CIMT ?1.0 mm was identified in 13 subjects (2.4%). Plaques were detected in 79 subjects (14.7%). Compared with those without LAICOD, the 48 subjects (8.9%) with LAICOD had greater CIMTs (0.77±0.09 versus 0.73±0.12 mm; P=0.044), more with CIMT of higher quartiles (P=0.007), and more with carotid plaques (25.0% versus 13.7%; P=0.035). However, after adjusting for confounding factors, CIMT and presence of carotid plaque were not significantly associated with LAICOD. Conclusions-: The results suggest that CIMT and presence of carotid plaque probably are not independently correlated with LAICOD in Chinese community residents, which supported the existence of pathologic and pathophysiologic differences in atherogenesis of intra-and extracranial arteries. © 2012 American Heart Association, Inc.
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2013
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  • carotid intima-media thickness
  • carotid plaque
  • intracranial occlusive disease

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