Corpus-based interpreting studies in China: A critical review and future directions

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Corpus-based interpreting studies (CIS) in China have experienced significant growth in recent years, garnering substantial attention from the academic community. This article presents a comprehensive review of CIS in China, with a particular focus on advancements made during the past decade (2013-2022), and identifies emerging research directions. Through a systematic examination of influential papers published in China over the past decade, it was found that this period has witnessed a flourishing phase of CIS in China. Specifically, this analysis reveals a substantial expansion in the research scope, primarily attributed to advancements in techniques for compiling, transcribing, and annotating interpreting corpora. The use of self-built corpora and the adoption of diverse research methodologies have been pivotal factors driving the significant expansion observed. The current state of CIS in China reveals notable trends, including a dominance of synchronic studies, an emphasis on the interpreting process and discourse-level aspects. Quantitative analysis is increasingly employed, and the expansion in the number and scope of interpreting corpora indicates a more diverse landscape. However, limitations exist, such as a lack of diversity in corpus sources, immaturity of transcription and annotation techniques, as well as an imbalance in the availability of different types of corpora. Addressing these limitations will promote a comprehensive understanding of CIS in China.

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