Conformally mapped multifunctional acoustic metamaterial lens for spectral sound guiding and talbot effect

He Gao, Xinsheng Fang, Zhongming Gu, Tuo Liu, Shanjun Liang, Yong Li, Jie Zhu

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We demonstrate a conformally mapped multifunctional acoustic metamaterial Mikaelian lens. Mikaelian lens is a gradient medium with a hyperbolic secant refractive index profile that can realize functions like beam self-focusing. Unlike the conventional design approaches, with a conformal transformation method, only isotropic material parameters with gradient refractive index profiles are required for the construction of such lens. To realize desired gradient index distribution, we carefully design a new type of crosschannel- shaped acoustic metamaterial, whose refractive index can be effectively modulated by simply changing the slit opening size. The distinct capabilities of the metamaterial Mikaelian lens in manipulating acoustic waves are experimentally verified with the fabricated sample. Simultaneous sound guiding and Talbot effects, which normally require respective geometrical and wave acoustic approximations, are observed in simulations and experiments. Furthermore, those effects of shaping acoustic wave propagations were validated within a relatively wide frequency range. Our study reveals how the conformal transformation method can help to bridge the ray acoustics with wave acoustics. It offers opportunities to the development of novel multifunctional acoustic devices for various applications, such as sound and particle manipulations.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1748537
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2019

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