Conductive Composite Fiber with Customizable Functionalities for Energy Harvesting and Electronic Textiles

Yujue Yang, Bingang Xu, Yuanyuan Gao, Meiqi Li

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A fiber-based triboelectric nanogenerator (F-TENG) is an important technology for smart wearables, where conductive materials and triboelectric materials are two essential components for the F-TENG. However, the different physicochemical properties between conductive metal materials and organic triboelectric materials often lead to interfacial failure problems, which is a great challenge for fabricating high-performance and stable F-TENGs. Herein, we designed a new conductive composite fiber (CCF) with customizable functionalities based on a core-spun yarn coating approach, which was applicable for a fiber-based TENG (CCF-TENG). By combing a core-spun method and a coating approach, triboelectric materials could be better incorporated on the surface of conductive fibers with the staple fibers to form a new composite structure with enhanced interfacial properties. The applicability of the method has been studied using different conductive and staple fibers and coating materials as well as different CCF diameters. As a demonstration, the open-circuit voltage and power density of the CCF-TENG reached 117 V and 213 mW/m2, respectively. Moreover, a 2D fabric TENG was woven and used as a wearable sensor for motion detection. This work provided a new method for 1D composite fibers with customizable functionalities for the applications in smart wearables.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)49927-49935
Number of pages9
JournalACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
Issue number42
Publication statusPublished - 27 Oct 2021


  • conductive composite fiber
  • core-spun yarn
  • self-powered system
  • smart electronic textiles
  • triboelectric nanogenerator

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