Conceptual development of an enhanced tripod mechanism for machine tool

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In this paper, a spatial three degrees of freedom parallel mechanism enhanced by a passive leg is proposed. The proposed parallel mechanism can be used in several applications, e.g. motion simulator, micromanipulator and machine tools. First, the geometric model of the three degrees of freedom parallel mechanism is addressed, in which a fourth kinematic link - a passive link connecting the base center to the platform center - is introduced. This last link is used to constrain the motion of the platform to only three degrees of freedom, i.e. the degree of freedom of the mechanism depends on the passive leg. The passive leg also enhances the global stiffness of the structure and distributes the torque from machining. Second, the kinematic analysis with the consideration of link flexibility is conducted. A kinetostatic model of the three degrees of freedom parallel mechanism with a passive link is then established and analyzed using lumped-parameter model. With the proposed method, a significant effect of the link flexibility on the mechanism's precision has been demonstrated. The influence of the change of structure parameters, including material properties, on the system behavior is discussed. Compliance mapping is also illustrated. The kinetostatic model proposed in the paper can be extended for optimal design and control of parallel kinematic machines. Finally, design optimization is conducted using genetic algorithms and some design guideline is given.

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JournalRobotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
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  • Kinetostatic modeling
  • Optimization
  • Parallel kinematic machine
  • Stiffness

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