Compensation issues under the Bunkers Convention

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Oil tankers are not the only vessels that cause oil pollution damage at sea. Numerous spills at sea have been of heavy fuel oil from non-tankers. The international system of civil liability and compensation established after the Torrey Canyon incident covers only oil pollution damage caused by oil tankers. There was thus a need to bring the law on marine oil pollution up-to-date by extending liability and compensation to all sea-going vessels. In March 2001, the Bunkers Convention was adopted at a Diplomatic Conference at the IMO; it has not yet come into force. This paper focuses on the discussion of compensation issues under the Bunkers Convention. It analyses the relevant provisions, the impacts of components such as compulsory insurance on the availability of compensation under the Bunkers Convention. Suggestions on other compensation sources are also given in this paper.
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  • Adequacy
  • Compensation
  • Liable Party
  • The Bunkers Convention

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