Color attributes of colored-yarn mixed woven fabrics made of raw-white warps and multicolored wefts and based on weft-backed structures

Tao Hua, Lau Yiu Tang, Wing Yan Chiu, Xiao Tian

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This paper reports the development of colored-yarn mixed woven fabrics by using raw white warps and multicolored-wefts, as well as a study of the influential factors on the color attributes of the resultant fabrics. Weft yarns in six colors, together with the white warp yarns, were used to create a series of fabric colors. Two types of new weft-backed structures were designed to assign the desired wefts for color mixing, as well as to reduce the white warp floats on the surface and thus, the lightness of the fabric. The effects of the proportion of yarn color components, weft density, and the introduction of black weft floats on the color attributes of fabrics, were investigated. The results show that through varying the proportion of mixing yarn color components, via fabric structure, a series of mixed red-blue and green-yellow colors for fabrics are created, respectively. Colored yarn mixed fabric presents a lowered lightness after a middle regulating layer is introduced into the structure. Compared to fabrics with a lower density, higher density fabrics possess lower lightness, higher redness and blueness in the blue-red fabrics, and higher greenness and yellowness in the yellow-green fabric. The lightness of fabric lowers after adding black yarn.
Original languageEnglish
Article number146
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 5 Feb 2018


  • Color attributes
  • Multicolored weft yarn
  • Raw white warp yarn
  • Weft-backed structure
  • Woven fabric

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