Characteristics of M-components in artificially-triggered lightning

Y. Zhao, X. Qie, Mingli Chen, X. Kong, G. Zhang, T. Zhang, T.L. Zhang, G.L. Feng

Research output: Journal article publicationJournal articleAcademic researchpeer-review


利用2005-2008年期间在山东开展的人工触发闪电试验中所观测到的通道底部电流、不同距离垂直电场及高速摄像光学资料,对人工触发闪电10次回击之后的33次M分量电流波形进行了分析。结果表明,典型的M分量电流波形具有较对称的结构特征,峰值电流的几何平均值为743 A(标准偏差为0.55);波形10%~90%上升时间的几何平均值为241μs(标准偏差为0.46);M分量的半峰值宽度的几何平均值为318μs(标准偏差为0.36);M分量持续时间的几何平均值为1.1 ms(标准偏差为0.24)。 人工触发闪电的回击与其后发生的M分量相比, 波形明显偏窄, M分量的幅值明显小于回击。对M分量参数之间的相关性分析表明,M分量的上升时间、半峰值宽度和持续时间3个参数之间具有很好的相关性,上升时间与半峰值宽度和持续时间的相关系数分别为0.84和0.73;持续时间和半峰值宽度的相关系数为0.7。M分量的峰值电流与半峰值宽度、上升时间和持续时间之间具有负相关性,相关系数分别为-0.47,-0.45和-0.37。||Using the channel base current,vertical lightning field of different distances and optical data of high camera obtained from artificially-initiated triggered lightning experiment of Shandong in the period of 2005-2008.A statistical analyses of the characteristics of current waveforms for 33 M-components in 10 return strokes have been done.The results show that a typical M-component in triggered lightning is characterized by a more or less symmetrical current waveform.The geometric mean values of peak current of M-component,10%~90% risetime on wavefront,the half-peak width,duration are 743 A,241 μs,318 μs and 1.1 ms,respectively.The logarithmic standard deviations of these parameters are 0.55,0.46,0.36 and 0.24,respectively.The waveform of return stroke in triggered lightning is wilder than M-component and the peak current of later is lower than the former.There is a relatively well correlation between half-peak width,duration and rise time.There is a correlation between the risetime and half-peak width(correlation coefficient is 0.84),and between the risetime and duration(correlation coefficient is 0.73).The correlation coefficient of duration and half-peak width is 0.7.The correlation between half-peak width,risetime,duration and peak current is negative,the correlation coefficient are-0.47,-0.45 and-0.37,respectively.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)508-517
Number of pages10
Journal高原气象 (Plateau meteorology)
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2011


  • Artificially-initiated triggered lightning
  • Return-stroke
  • Continuing current
  • M-component
  • Current parameter


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