Case-based reasoning for intelligent support of construction negotiation

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Negotiation and conflict resolution are major ill-structured and complex problems in construction. Due to the uncertain and changing nature of the processes, it is important for negotiators to have access to previous records, to communicate effectively with each other, and to have an agent acting as the mediator when deadlocks occur. This paper presents a computer model which employs case-based reasoning (CBR) to provide intelligent support to construction negotiations. This model has been implemented in the MEDIATOR, a computer program that utilises previous cases as a basis for addressing new problems. In contrast to conventional expert systems (ESs) that use compiled knowledge in problem solving, the system selects similar cases to help in solving a given negotiation problem. The selected case is then modified and adapted to generate proposals that should move people towards a settlement.
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  • Adaptation
  • Case similarity
  • Case-based reasoning
  • Construction negotiation
  • Mediator

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