Bundle adjustment for data processing of theodolite industrial surveying system

Z.R. Zou, Xiaoli Ding, Z.Q. Zeng, P.Z. He

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The photogrammetric bundle adjustment was used in data processing of electronic theodolite industrial surveying system by converting angular observations into virtual photo coordinates. The developed algorithm has ability of precision estimation and data snooping, do not need initial values of exterior orientation elements and object point coordinates. The form of control condition for the system is quite flexible. Neither centering nor leveling is the theodolite needed and the lay out of theodolite position is flexible when the system is used for precise survey. Experiments carried out in test field verify the validity of the data processing method.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)307-310
Number of pages4
JournalTransactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China (中国有色金属学会会刊) (英文版)
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2001


  • Electronic theodolite
  • Industrial surveying system
  • Bundle adjustment

ASJC Scopus subject areas

  • Geotechnical Engineering and Engineering Geology
  • Materials Chemistry
  • Metals and Alloys
  • Condensed Matter Physics


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