BSPro COM-Server - Interoperability between software tools using industrial foundation classes

Antti Karola, Hannu Lahtela, Reijo Hänninen, Rob Hitchcock, Qingyan Chen, Stephen Dajka, Kim Hagström

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The continuing development of the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) standard by the International Alliance for Interoperability (IAI) creates new possibilities for achieving interoperability for design software through the use of a common object model of the building and its open data transfer standard. Several architectural CAD tools are already IFC-compliant. However, in-depth knowledge of the highly complex IFC object model is required to develop IFC-compliant software. It has proven quite difficult to read the huge amount of building data stored in an IFC file, extract the information needed by a particular application, and correctly update the IFC file with new data. To make this work easier for developers not familiar with the IFC, Olof Granlund Oy has developed a new development tool, BSPro COM-Server for IFC Files. Using this tool, a software developer of new or existing tools can achieve IFC compatibility with a quite reasonable amount of work.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)901-907
Number of pages7
JournalEnergy and Buildings
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2002


  • BSPro COM-Server
  • IAI
  • IFC-compliant software

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