Blockchain opportunities for construction industry in Hong Kong: a case study of RISC and site diary

Kai Kang, Xinlai Liu, Yishuo Jiang, Ken Kam Hang Lee, Sean Ka Wai Wan, George Q. Huang, Ray Y. Zhong

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Purpose: Blockchain as a disruptive technology has revolutionized many industries, such as finance, logistics and manufacturing sectors. This paper aims to explore Blockchain applications in construction to effectively manage project workflows and uplift construction efficiency. Design/methodology/approach: Semi-structured in-depth interviews were conducted with various stakeholders from a public infrastructure project to analyze Blockchain applications in the construction industry. Eleven key construction workflows are selected to identify and discover the necessity and significance of Blockchain applications in the construction industry. They are related to construction program, daily operations and payment. Based on workflow analysis, several issues are discussed to design a development roadmap of Blockchain in the construction industry. Findings: The findings show Blockchain can improve construction efficiency, reduce paper-based manual operation and address the fragmentation and communication issue. However, the development of Blockchain in the construction industry is still impeded by some challenges. Traditional work modes might be existing even though Blockchain-enabled systems are introduced, which may increase the workload of construction practitioners. Thus, a feasible and practical development roadmap is proposed to instruct implementation of Blockchain in construction. Originality/value: This research systematically analyzes the development of Blockchain in the construction industry from several existing workflows, based on a real-life case study. Several considerations are given to provide referential value for applying Blockchain in the construction industry, including opportunities and challenges, cost–benefit analysis, obstacles and possible solutions, as well as development strategies with a prototype system.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)443-446
Number of pages24
JournalConstruction Innovation
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 17 Feb 2023
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  • Blockchain
  • Construction industry
  • Construction management
  • Inspection and survey checking
  • Site diary
  • Workflow analysis

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  • General Computer Science
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