Biotechnology of Plastic Waste Degradation, Recycling, and Valorization: Current Advances and Future Perspectives

Zi Hao Qin, Jin Hua Mou, Christopher Yu Huang Chao, Shauhrat Singh Chopra, Walid Daoud, Shao yuan Leu, Zhi Ning, Chi Yan Tso, Chak Keung Chan, Shixing Tang, Zubeen Jyotiwadan Hathi, Md Ariful Haque, Xiang Wang, Carol Sze Ki Lin

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Although fossil-based plastic products have many attractive characteristics, their production has led to severe environmental burdens that require immediate solutions. Despite these plastics being non-natural chemical compounds, they can be degraded and metabolized by some microorganisms, which suggests the potential application of biotechnologies based on the mechanism of plastic biodegradation. In this context, microbe-based strategies for the degradation, recycling, and valorization of plastic waste offer a feasible approach for alleviating environmental challenges created by the accumulation of plastic waste. This Minireview highlights recent advances in the biotechnology-based biodegradation of both traditional polymers and bio-based plastics, focusing on the mechanisms of biodegradation. From an application perspective, this Minireview also summarizes recent progress in the recycling and valorization of plastic waste, which are feasible solutions for tackling the plastic waste dilemma.

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 2021


  • biodegradation
  • biological activity
  • environmental chemistry
  • plastic recycling
  • plastic valorization

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