Becoming global, remaining local: The discourses of international news reporting by CCTV-4 and Phoenix TV Hong Kong

Dongying Wu, Pak Kei Patrick Ng

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In an attempt to examine the issue of glocalisation in contemporary Chinese media practice, the article develops a tripartite framework which examines the discourses of global/Western vs. local/Eastern interactions in news reporting along three dimensions: the nature of the news event reported, the stance adopted in reporting the news, and the move structure involved in the reporting. The projection and discursive management of the international news reports by two prominent broadcast media channels in Cultural China, i.e. the Chinaowned and Beijing-based station, CCTV-4, and the Hong Kong-based channel station, Phoenix TV, have been selected for the investigation. It is found that globalisation in these two pan- or pro-Chinese government broadcasting practices has taken place only marginally. In trying to demonstrate a global vision and readiness for change and challenges, the Chinese broadcasters no longer evade news of a negative nature, and have also largely adopted the globally prevalent pattern of a dialogic news story-telling structure, most evident in the news construction done by Phoenix TV, though less so by CCTV-4. Nonetheless, the value of harmony, the normative Chinese value of journalistic practice, has a strong presence in the media practice of both channels, as is evidenced particularly in the use of a supportive reporting stance, rather than the critical reporting stance favoured by Western journalism.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)73-87
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JournalCritical Arts
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1 Mar 2011


  • Chinese broadcasting
  • glocalisation
  • international news

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