Balance in research and practice : the reform of research studies in industrial and product design

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There is not a long history of research studies in Industrial and Product Design (IPD) in China. In this article, the author initially reviews the current research studies in IPD in China. He identifies the limitations and deficiencies of these research studies, which either emphasise engineering or fine-art aspects. Most of these research studies are thesis-oriented, with research students only focusing their efforts on the writing of theses. The studies lack any practical experience in research areas. Taking Hong Kong design research programmes as a case study, the author criticises this kind of thesis-oriented research studies in IPD, since it de-motivates students from putting an effort into the practice of their research areas. The author then attempts to identify the changes necessary in research studies in IPD. By using the reform of research studies in IPD in Hong Kong as a case study, the author discusses the advantages, limitations, difficulties and possibilities of having a balance in research and practice in research studies in IPD.
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JournalGlobal Journal of Engineering Education
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - 2007

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