Application of the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) in multi-criteria analysis of the selection of intelligent building systems

Johnny K.W. Wong, Heng Li

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The availability of innumerable intelligent building (IB) products, and the current dearth of inclusive building component selection methods suggest that decision makers might be confronted with the quandary of forming a particular combination of components to suit the needs of a specific IB project. Despite this problem, few empirical studies have so far been undertaken to analyse the selection of the IB systems, and to identify key selection criteria for major IB systems. This study is designed to fill these research gaps. Two surveys: a general survey and the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) survey are proposed to achieve these objectives. The first general survey aims to collect general views from IB experts and practitioners to identify the perceived critical selection criteria, while the AHP survey was conducted to prioritize and assign the important weightings for the perceived criteria in the general survey. Results generally suggest that each IB system was determined by a disparate set of selection criteria with different weightings. 'Work efficiency' is perceived to be most important core selection criterion for various IB systems, while 'user comfort', 'safety' and 'cost effectiveness' are also considered to be significant. Two sub-criteria, 'reliability' and 'operating and maintenance costs', are regarded as prime factors to be considered in selecting IB systems. The current study contributes to the industry and IB research in at least two aspects. First, it widens the understanding of the selection criteria, as well as their degree of importance, of the IB systems. It also adopts a multi-criteria AHP approach which is a new method to analyse and select the building systems in IB. Further research would investigate the inter-relationship amongst the selection criteria.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)108-125
Number of pages18
JournalBuilding and Environment
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2008


  • AHP
  • Building systems
  • Intelligent building
  • Selection criteria

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