Animation Students’ Engagement and Motivation through Peer Teaching: Online Flipped Classroom Approach

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Background Our ways of learning are rapidly changing with technological advancement, especially in online learning platforms. Animation and media education traditionally rely on a teacher-oriented demonstration in practical hands-on and face-to-face settings. Conversely, this study investigates a brand-new learning experience using peer teaching in the flipped classroom approach. How does peer teaching affect the learning attitude of animation students? How does this approach influence the learning engagement and motivation of animation students? This study attempts to answer these questions by introducing a conceptual framework based on engagement theory and self-determination theory (SDT), including motivational barometers under the new online flipped classroom pedagogy. Methods Thirty-three bachelor’s degree students in the digital media program participated in this action research. The researchers scheduled a peer teaching with flipped classroom experience for a three-month animation course. Subsequently, they collected three qualitative data sets from observations, self-reflective journals, and individual interviews. Results The findings show a significant difference from the traditional classroom in four dimensions: freedom of choice, variety of teaching resources, effective learning from peers, and a favorable flipped classroom. These findings also indicate that the change of learning environment affects students’ learning attitudes and classmates’ relationships. Conclusions This study suggested peer teaching with a flipped-classroom in animation education leads to higher learning engagement, which eventually facilitates the all-rounded development of students. This novel pedagogy is recommended to experiment in other undergraduate subjects.

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  • Animation Education
  • Flipped Classroom
  • Learning Engagement
  • Motivation
  • Peer Teaching

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