An empirical survey of the success criteria for running healthcare projects

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Many construction researchers and industrial practitioners have investigated the concept of project success over the past few decades. However, no general consensus has been found as they have applied differing perspectives. This paper attempts to establish the success criteria for healthcare projects in Hong Kong through an empirical questionnaire survey. The questionnaire consists of 11 success criteria identified from a review of related literature. Fifty-two project participants completed the questionnaires to indicate the relative importance of success criteria for running healthcare projects. The ranking of the criteria, as assessed by the client and contractor groups was examined by the Kendall's coefficient of concordance (W) and the Spearman rank correlation coefficient (rs). A two-tailed t-test is further performed to compare the mean scores between different parties for each identified criterion. The statistical analyses revealed that ‘The client is satisfied with the performance of the project’, ‘The project is completed to the required standard of quality’, and ‘The project is achieving its function’ were collectively found to be the three most important criteria for success among respondents in Hong Kong. Apart from these three criteria, ‘The project was completed with a low accident rate’, ‘The project was completed on budget’, ‘The various end-users are satisfied with the performance of the project’, and ‘The project was completed on time’ were also considered by the respondents to be significant criteria for success. ‘The project is profitable’ and ‘The project can produce further/long-term gains’, on the other hands, were regarded as the least important criteria for success in healthcare projects. It is also envisaged that the survey findings would be incorporated into developing a research model for predicting the success levels (performance outcomes) of future healthcare projects in Hong Kong.
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  • Empirical Survey
  • Healthcare projects
  • Kendall's coefficient of concordance
  • Success criteria and Two-tailed t-test

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