All-inorganic perovskite nanocrystals: next-generation scintillation materials for high-resolution X-ray imaging

Lu Lu, Mingzi Sun, Tong Wu, Qiuyang Lu, Baian Chen, Bolong Huang

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With super strong penetrability, high-energy X-rays can be applied to probe the inner structure of target objects under nondestructive situations. Scintillation materials can down-convert X-rays into visible light, enabling the reception of photon signals and photoelectric conversion by common sensing arrays such as photomultiplier tubes and amorphous-Si photodiode matrixes. All-inorganic perovskite nanocrystals are emerging photovoltaic and scintillation materials, with tremendous light-conversion efficiency and tunable luminous properties, exhibiting great potential for high-quality X-ray imaging. Recent advancements in nanotechnology further accelerate the performance improvement of scintillation materials. In this review, we will provide a comprehensive overview of novel all-inorganic perovskite nano-scintillators in terms of potential applications in low-dose X-ray medical radiography. Compared with conventional scintillators, the merits/drawbacks, challenges, and scintillation performance control will be the focus of this article.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)680-696
Number of pages17
JournalNanoscale Advances
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 7 Feb 2022

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