Advances and frontiers of multimodal discourse analysis

Dezheng Feng, D. Zhang, K. O'Halloran

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1990年代以来,功能语言学与语篇分析的多模态转向使多模态语篇分析成为语言学与传播学研究的热点之一。近年来,多模态研究逐渐从将语言学理论简单应用于图像、手势等非语言符号的分析,转向对多模态表意资源的跨学科系统阐释与实证研究。因此,具有独特理论体系和分析方法的多模态研究正成为一个新兴的人文学科。一方面,融合语言学、传媒学、认知心理学等学科的跨学科理论体系正在形成并被应用于阐释动态语篇等更复杂的符号与行为体系;另一方面,应用电脑模拟、语料库检索等数字技术的新型研究工具和方法迅速发展。多模态分析的理论与方法也逐渐被应用于课堂教学、广告传媒、法庭辩论等各种社会行为和语篇的研究。||From the 1990 s,the multimodal turn in systemic functional linguistics and discourse analysis makes multimodal discourse analysis a popular topic in linguistics and communication studies.In recent years,multimodal studies have come to focus on the inter-disciplinary systematic analysis of multimodal meaning making resources and empirical studies,rather than simply applying linguistic theories to non-linguistic modes like image and gesture.As a result,the new discipline of multimodality with its own theoretical framework and analytical method is emerging.On the one hand,inter-disciplinary frameworks integrating linguistics,media and communication studies,cognitive science and so on are being applied to the analysis of complex multimodal semiotic and behavioral systems;on the other hand,new research tools and methods using digital technologies such as visual modeling and concordance are being developed.The theories and methods of multimodal discourse analysis are also applied to education research,media studies,courtroom discourse research and so on.
Original languageChinese (Simplified)
Pages (from-to)88-99, 126
Number of pages12
Journal当代语言学 (Contemporary linguistics)
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2014


  • Multimodal discourse analysis
  • Social semiotics
  • Multimodal metaphor
  • Multimodal corpus

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