Acceptable noise levels for construction site offices

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This study examined acceptable noise level of a construction site office in Hong Kong by analysing responses obtained from interviews of 77 occupants. The equivalent continuous noise level Leqmeasured in the office was chosen as an indicator and correlated with the occupant acceptance recorded on a visual analogue assessment scale and a dichotomous assessment scale. With the use of a logistic regression model, this acceptance was found to be significantly influenced by the working experience and age of occupants, which were in turn highly correlated. Satisfactory noise levels within the office have been evaluated by comparing acceptance responses given by the occupants at different Leq. The proposed criterion of aural comfort was further identified by the survey samples and a conclusion was drawn: an indoor environment with an equivalent continuous noise level Leqof 65 dBA would be deemed acceptable for a construction site office. Practical applications: This study reported the occupant acceptable noise level in construction site offices was more adaptable to a noisy environment than a general office because the occupant acceptance would be significantly influenced by the outdoor noise level, working experience and occupant age. The construction site office with an equivalent continuous noise level of 65 dBA would be recommended as a design criterion for construction site offices as it can balance the cost of acoustical treatment and the satisfaction of occupants.
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