Aassesment of global parenting style and specific parenting behavior in a Chinese context

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On two occasions separated by one year, 378 Chinese secondary school students responded to the Paternal Treatment Scale (PTS), Maternal Treatment Scale (MTS), Paternal Parenting Scale (PPS), and Maternal Parenting Scale (MPS), with the first two scales measuring global parenting styles and the latter two scales assessing specific parenting behavior. Factor analyses showed that two dimensions ("concern" and "harshness") were intrinsic to the PTS and MTS and two factors ("responsiveness" and "demandingness") were abstracted from the PPS and MPS. Further analyses showed that the factors derived from the scales were highly stable across time and sample. Reliability analyses showed that the related scales and subscales at different time were internally consistent. There is also some support for the validity of the related measures.
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  • Assessment of parenting
  • Chinese adolescents
  • Longitudinal study
  • Parenting behavior
  • Parenting style

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