A simulation-driven performance testing method for Web applications

S. Liang, M.S. Li, H.K.N. Leung, Chun Chung Chan

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性能是Web应用程序成功的要素之一 ,性能测试则是保证这一要素的重要手段 但由于Internet及Web用户的不确定性 ,Web应用程序的性能测试难于传统Client/Server的测试 比较了 3种主要的Web性能测试方法 ;提出了一种简单可行的、通用的方法———模拟驱动的自动负载测试方法 关键的步骤有 :根据系统使用方式和客户端各种特征的分布信息来确定测试负载、设计测试用例 ;利用测试工具开发相应的测试脚本 ;运行测试用例模拟不同类型用户的典型行为 ;收集被测程序的性能数据 结合实例详述了该方法 ,并给出了测试计划的模板||Performance is a crucial factor to the success of a Web application, and performance testing is an important way of ensuring this quality However, due to many uncertainties of Internet and Web users, performance testing of Web applications is more difficult than traditional client/server testing Three performance testing methods for Web are compared A practical, simulation driven automated load testing method is presented with an example The key steps are: ① identify the testing workload and design test cases according to system usage patterns and different client characteristics, ② use suitable tools to develop test scripts, ③ test the application with predefined workload to simulate the behaviors of real users, and ④ collect performance data A template of the performance testing plan is also provided.
Original languageChinese (Simplified)
Pages (from-to)1069-1080
Number of pages12
Journal計算機硏究與發展 (Computer research and development)
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - 2003


  • Web application
  • Performance testing
  • Load testing
  • Workload
  • Test script
  • Test scenario

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