A robust web personal name information extraction system

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Personal information extraction, which extracts the persons in question and their related information (such as biographical information and occupation) from web, is an important component to construct social network (a kind of semantic web). For this practical task, two important issues are to be discussed: personal named entity ambiguity and the extraction of personal information for a specific person. For personal named entity ambiguity, which is a common phenomenon in the fast growing web resource, we propose a robust system which extracts lightweight features with a totally unsupervised approach from broad resources. The experiments show that these lightweight features not only improve the performances, but also increase the robustness of a disambiguation system. To extract the information of the focus person, an integrated system is introduced, which is able to effectively re-use and combine current well-developed tools for web data, and at the same time, to identify the expression properties of web data. We show that our flexible extraction system achieves state-of-the-art performances, especially the high precision, which is very important for real applications.
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  • Attribute extraction
  • Information extraction
  • Named entity disambiguation
  • Relation extraction

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