A review of the application of radiant cooling & heating systems in Mainland China

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A number of radiant heating/cooling systems have been applied in Mainland China in recent years for its improved thermal comfort and inherent energy saving potential. Because the systems require relatively higher temperatures for cooling and lower temperatures for heating, many natural low-grade energy sources can be directly or indirectly used. However, because of a lack of information about prior practical projects, a number of difficulties in design, construction and management of the systems have been encountered, and energy efficiency is not necessarily achieved in all situations. This paper reviews the practical applications in four major projects involving different building types located in different climatic cities and presents the associated considerations in system design. Other factors affecting the energy efficiency of the systems are identified, such as the spatial convection and radiation heat transfer processes in indoor environments and the envelope thermal properties. Further studies are needed to achieve system optimization and to realize the full energy saving potentials of radiant systems by developing analytical design methods and monitoring the actual energy use of such systems in completed projects.
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JournalEnergy and Buildings
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  • Air conditioning simulation
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  • Radiant cooling

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