A refined Elastic Visco-Plastic model for clayey soils

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This technical note presents a refined elastic visco-plastic (EVP) modelling for the time-dependent stress-strain behaviour of clayey soils. The major refinement is the incorporation of a more general flow surface. With this flow surface, a specific EVP constitutive relationship is derived. An alternative new method for determining the model parameters is suggested. The refined EVP model is calibrated mainly using the data of one isotropic consolidation/creep test and one consolidated undrained compression (CUC) test on soft Hong Kong Marine Deposits (HKMD). The calibrated EVP model is then used to predict the stress-strain behaviour of other types of tests at the same HKMD and compared to the measured results.
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JournalGeotechnical Engineering
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Apr 2001

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