A psychometric evaluation of a negative mood scale in the MDS-HC using a large sample of community-dwelling Hong Kong Chinese older adults

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Background: negative mood is an important construct when assessing the health of older persons. The profile of mood states questionnaire is commonly used to measure mood; however, it might not be suitable for older adults with low education level and those who are not originated North American.Objective: to examine a negative mood scale formed by nine items in the Mood Section of the Minimum Data Set-Home Care of the Resident Assessment Instrument. Methods: a secondary analysis of data from 3,523 older persons aged 60 or over who had first applied for the long-term care services in Hong Kong and completed the screening tool in 2006. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses were used to test the factor structure and multiple-group confirmatory factor analysis to test the gender invariance of the Negative Mood Scale in the Minimum Data Set-Home Care. Its reliability using Cronbach's alpha was examined. Results: both a three-factor model at the first level and a one-factor model at the second level provided excellent fits to the overall data, and held equally well for both males and females, and two randomly split samples. Multiple-group confirmatory factor analyses revealed both genders demonstrating an equivalent pattern of factor loadings. Cronbach's alpha value was acceptable for the overall data (0.66). Conclusions: the Negative Mood Scale is a reliable and valid scale and both genders responded to it using the same framework and metric, suggesting it could be used to measure negative mood in Chinese community-dwelling older adults. Further testing of the instrument is needed.
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  • Chinese community dwellers
  • Confirmatory factor analysis
  • Elderly
  • Minimum Data Set-Home Care
  • Negative mood
  • Reliability

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