A PDMS planar patch-clamp array chip with poly (ethylene glycol)isu-8 based cell-patch interface

B. J. Xu, Z. B. Liu, J. J. Yu, Y. K. Lee, Mo Yang

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This paper presents a new PDMS planar patch-clamp array chip integrated with microfluidic units and a poly (ethylene glycol)/SU-8 mixture based cell-patch interface for whole cell recordings. In our experiments, the PEG/SU-8 mixture with the weight ratio of 1:1 has been proven to have improved properties to fabricate perfect apertures compared with PDMS for cell-patch interface, such as large Young's modulus and good hydrophilic surface properties. The integrated chip was tested to trap 20μm polystyrene microsphere onto 2μm aperture by a negative pressure, and the variation of impedance spectra in trapping process demonstrated that the excellent sealing resistance has been achieved. Our present results indicate the potential of a planar patch-clamp array chip system with PEG/SU-8 base cell-patch interface for high-throughput whole cell recording.
Original languageEnglish
Article number4805402
Pages (from-to)395-398
Number of pages4
JournalProceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jun 2009
Event22nd IEEE International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems, MEMS 2009 - Sorrento, Italy
Duration: 25 Jan 200929 Jan 2009

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