A numerical model and computer simulation for machining particle reinforced metal matrix composites in electric discharge machining

R. Chen, Z. N. Guo, J. W. Liu, Tai Man Yue, S. W. Chen

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S. Maney & Son Ltd 2015. A numerical model has been proposed to predict the material removal of electric discharge machining process while it is machining a particulate reinforced aluminium 6061 with 10 vol.-% Al<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub>. The heating effect of an electric discharge machining spark on the temperature field of the workpiece was analysed using ANSYS software. According to the simulated temperature field profiles, the diameter, depth and volume of the crater created by a single electric discharge machining pulse can all be obtained. The influence of pulse duration and discharge current on the material removal mechanism was theoretically and experimentally investigated. It was found that the experimental results agreed well with the simulated results. The average percentage errors of the crater volume were found to be 3•2% at different discharge current conditions, and 2•5% at different pulse duration conditions.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)S1392-S1396
JournalMaterials Research Innovations
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2015


  • Electricdischargemachining
  • Materialremovalmechanism
  • Numericalmodel
  • Temperaturefield

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