A Novel Device-Free Positioning Method Based on Wi-Fi CSI with NLOS Detection and Bayes Classification

Xingyu Zheng, Ruizhi Chen, Liang Chen, Lei Wang, Yue Yu, Zhenbing Zhang, Wei Li, Yu Pei, Dewen Wu, Yanlin Ruan

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Device-free wireless localization based on Wi-Fi channel state information (CSI) is an emerging technique that could estimate users’ indoor locations without invading their privacy or requiring special equipment. It deduces the position of a person by analyzing the influence on the CSI of Wi-Fi signals. When pedestrians block the signals between the transceivers, the non-line-of-sight (NLOS) transmission occurs. It should be noted that NLOS has been a significant factor restricting the device-free positioning accuracy due to signal reduction and abnormalities during multipath propagation. For this problem, we analyzed the NLOS effect in an indoor environment and found that the position error in the LOS condition is different from the NLOS condition. Then, two empirical models, namely, a CSI passive positioning model and a CSI NLOS/LOS detection model, have been derived empirically with extensive study, which can obtain better robustness identified results in the case of NLOS and LOS conditions. An algorithm called SVM-NB (Support Vector Machine-Naive Bayes) is proposed to integrate the SVM NLOS detection model with the Naive Bayes fingerprint method to narrow the matching area and improve position accuracy. The NLOS identification precision is better than 97%. The proposed method achieves localization accuracy of 0.82 and 0.73 m in laboratory and corridor scenes, respectively. Compared to the Bayes method, our tests showed that the positioning accuracy of the NLOS condition is improved by 28.7% and that of the LOS condition by 26.2%.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2676
JournalRemote Sensing
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - May 2023


  • Bayes
  • CSI
  • device-free
  • indoor positioning
  • LOS
  • NLOS
  • SVM

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  • General Earth and Planetary Sciences


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