A new pwm algorithm for battery-source three-phase inverters

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A new PWM algorithm for battery-source three-phase Inverters Is described in this paper. The concept of the algorithm is to determine the pulsewidths by equating the areas of the segments of the sinusoidal reference with the related output pulse areas. The algorithm is particularly suitable to handle a non-constant voltage source with good harmonic suppression. Since the pulsewldths are computable in real time with minimal storage requirement as well as compact hardware and software. It is especially suitable for single-chip microcomputer Implementation. Experimental results show that the single-chip microcomputer Intel 8095-based battery-source Inverter can control a 3 kW synchronous motor drive satisfactorily over a frequency range of 2 to 100Hz.

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JournalElectric Machines and Power Systems
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Publication statusPublished - 1991

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