A new differentially weighted operator splitting Monte Carlo method for aerosol dynamics

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Monte Carlo method is a stochastic scheme which replicates the formation, transport and dynamic behaviour of simulation particles with stochastic method. It is based on probabilities rather than solving directly the general dynamic equation. Differentially weighted Monte Carlo method is quite efficient and more practical than using the concept of each simulation particle being equally weighted with a number of real particles. In the present study, a new differentially weighted operator splitting Monte Carlo (DWOSMC) method is developed. In order to increase the computational efficiency of simulating the aerosol processes (i.e., nucleation, coagulation and condensation), an operator splitting technique is used to combine stochastic and deterministic methods. This new DWOSMC method is fully validated through four typical cases considering different aerosol dynamic processes. The results obtained from DWOSMC method agree well with the analytical solutions, which proves very high computational efficiency and accuracy of using DWOSMC method in solving simultaneous aerosol dynamic processes.
Original languageEnglish
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JournalWIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment
Publication statusPublished - 2016
EventInternational Conference on Modelling, Monitoring and Management of Air Pollution -
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  • Differentially weighted Monte Carlo
  • Operator splitting
  • Aerosol dynamics

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