A General Wet Transferring Approach for Diffusion-Facilitated Space-Confined Grown Perovskite Single-Crystalline Optoelectronic Thin Films

Ran Ding, Chun Ki Liu, Zehan Wu, Feng Guo, Sin Yi Pang, Lok Wing Wong, Weng Fu Io, Shuoguo Yuan, Man Chung Wong, Michal Bartlomiej Jedrzejczyk, Jiong Zhao, Feng Yan, Jianhua Hao

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Hybrid perovskite single-crystalline thin films are promising for making high-performance perovskite optoelectronic devices due to their superior physical properties. However, it is still challenging to incorporate them into multilayer devices because of their on-substrate growth. Here, a wet transfer method is used in transferring perovskite single-crystalline films perfectly onto various target substrates. More importantly, large millimeter-scaled single-crystalline films can be obtained via a diffusion-facilitated space-confined growth method as thin as a few hundred nanometers, which are capable of sustaining excellent crystalline quality and morphology after the transferring process. The availability of these crystalline films offers us a convenient route to further investigate their intrinsic properties of hybrid perovskites. We also demonstrate that the wet transfer method can be used for scalable fabrication of perovskite single-crystalline film-based photodetectors exhibiting a remarkable photoresponsivity. It is expected that this transferring strategy would promise broad applications of perovskite single-crystalline films for more complex perovskite devices.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2747-2755
Number of pages9
JournalNano Letters
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 8 Apr 2020


  • FAPbBr
  • perovskite single-crystalline films
  • photodetectors
  • Space-confined growth method
  • wet transfer method

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