A finite strip loaded by a bonded-rivet of a different material

K. C. Ho, Kam Tim Chau

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This paper investigates the maximum stress concentrations in a finite strip loaded by a bonded elastic rivet by using the complex variable method in conjunction with the least-square boundary collocation method (BCM). The rivet-load is modeled by a uniform distributed body force; and the resultant rivet-force is acting along the transverse direction. The accuracy of the BCM is checked by comparing the results to those of the finite element method for a specific finite geometry of a strip and by the exact solution for the case of an infinite plane. Numerical results show that the maximum shear and hoop stresses at the interface decrease with increasing b/R, where b is half of the width of the strip and R is the radius of the rivet. The maximum shear stress at the interface increases with ζ=μ2/μ1(where μ1and μ2are the shear moduli of the strip and rivet respectively) while the maximum hoop stress decreases with ζ. For ζ≥1, the maximum normal bond stress at the interface decreases initially to a local minimum before rising to a steady value as b/R further increases. As b/R increases, the angular location of maximum stress occurrence θmax, which is measured from the direction of resultant rivet-force, increases from about 36°42° to 90° (the infinite plane limit) for the shear bond stress, and jumps suddenly from a roughly constant value (50°55°) to 0° (the infinite plane limit) for the normal bond stress. Similar sudden shifts in the angular location of maximum stress are also observed in the hoop stress at the interface.
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JournalComputers and Structures
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 1999


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